Hatter’s House Clock in Rye

A wiggle in the mix, like a flame in the mouth of the E makes this fine clock font very expressive

The amazing New Central Saint Martins building comes up with a top font, again.

Ooh! W.H.Cullen your so masculine and sharp and yet so curly and and fun. You rascal.

Another Olympic Font

What do you think to the Finish on this one?

Dan, Olympic Park Viewing Pavilion, London

Propstore bar, National Theatre, Southbank.
One from yesterday, great looking pop-up bar. Bit of a boozy jungle gym.
A hefty filled in font and square serif, nice.

Get your hands on some Olympic bags!?
Camden Passage, Islington

First glimpse of the Rio 2016 font from Casa Brasil in Somerset house
Nice evening for some gentle grooving

Another world beer the gothic looking Hirter Beer font. A wonderful thick calligraphy style font with the strange choice of a red ‘h’ not sure about that.
Found in Kipferl, Camden Passage, Iso

Olympic fonts begin on day 4?
The Czech House in Angel has gone for a serious sans font on a background of blue geometric curves

Here is a good one from the weekend. Check out Daisy she’s a real goer.
Daisy was an old ice cream van in Oxfordshire

Finally a great day for a barbeque. Look the sausages are walking out of the shop at Rye Butchers.

Good limbed sausage, bad font

Jesus saves with the cross on the S. genius.
No detail on what he saves? More on your car insurance no doubt?

Who do you think you are? Lubi Lu?
Albany Street, Camden

We are? South London.

A new one for the type list. See-through fonts. 

Apologies for the terrible photo but I think you’ll agree this is a supreme font. I also couldn’t wait to eat the toffee crisp so have shamelessly taken a bite before photographing!

Amelie, London

W E Anfield & Co Ltd, Chester has a strong 3D sans font that suits the green corrugated box well. The overall font / box ensemble is good but let down by hideous ideal standard

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